Cs-ObexFtp under Windows HowTo.

What we need :

     - A bluetooth dongle working with MS BT driver or if not you can try to folow this InTheHand HowTo .
     - Cs-ObexFtp for Windows , this how to was writing with version of Cs-ObexFtp .

Most often time devices use bluetooth, so because for the moment, obexftp framework only work  with Microsoft BT we will see only it.

You need to make a pair between the two devices, so first of all, make sur your phone have bluetooth activated and be visible for other.

MS BT Step 1

Check the "My device is ready to be detected" and then click Next :

MS BT Step 2

MS BT search all aviable devices :

MS BT Step 3

Selct your one and click Next :

MS BT Step 4

Choice to enter a key manualy, put one (ex : 1507") and click Next :

MS BT Step 5

MS BT ask on your phone to accept conection and then enter the same code; after it  add some "special" devices :

MS BT Step 6

If evrythingh went okay you should just have to click finish :

MS BT Step 7

Good, start Cs-ObexFtp (i asume you had installed it) :

Cs-ObexFtp 1

First, go in "options" :

Cs-ObexFtp 2

Select the Bluetooth transport and click on "Refresh" :

Cs-ObexFtp 3

It try to discover devices unless "Wait" is displayed :

Cs-ObexFtp 4

After what it say you how many device it find and fill the combo with Mac adress of finded devices :

Cs-ObexFtp 5

Select the good device (ex : K750I) with adress Mac and click on "Get services" :

Cs-ObexFtp 6

Wait the end of the "Get services" (about 30 secondes) and find the service like "Obex File Transfert (Obexftp)",
remember the channel number (ex : 6) :

Cs-ObexFtp 7

Go in the misc tab and replace the "Force FTP channel...." = -1 by the one you finded (ex : 6),
click "Apply" and then "Ok" :

Cs-ObexFtp 8

Click on device and then, connect :

Cs-ObexFtp 9

Just wait the result, if a return code = 1, all is okay :

Cs-ObexFtp 10

Browse the files on your device and make a right click on one or more, of them to say "Get to Computer" :

Cs-ObexFtp 11

Choice a directory and optionaly a new name where store the file on your computer :

Cs-ObexFtp 12

When writting "Work completed", it will okay :

Cs-ObexFtp 13

You can read your file on your computer :

Cs-ObexFtp 14

Use a right a click somewere in the file list or use the menu "edit" and say "Up a file to the phone" :

Cs-ObexFtp 15

Select a file or more, on your computer to send to the device :

Cs-ObexFtp 16

Wait "Work Completed" and you should see the file on your device (ex : "Bowling2.jpg") :

Cs-ObexFtp 17

Made a right click on it and say "Delete from the phone" :

Cs-ObexFtp 18

The file is deleted from the device :

Cs-ObexFtp 19

Next HowTo should be "how to setup and use "Bluetooth Advertising" function of Cs-ObexFtp" .

Other usefull link :
    - openobex/obexftp .
    - Cs-ObexFtp home page .
    - Cs-ObexFtp Wiki.
    - Other Cs-ObexFtp documentation at sourceforge.net .

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